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Mighty Bulldog Student Services


PBIS is a school wide positive behavior intervention and support program designed to establish and maintain a safe and effective school environment that maximizes academic achievement and behavioral competence.

PBIS goals include:

  • increase desirable behaviors in all school-related settings
  • help students develop self-discipline
  • recognize positive contributions of students and staff

What are the Major Components of PBIS?

  • Common approach to discipline
  • Positively stated expectations for all students and staff
  • Procedures for teaching these expectations to students
  • Continuum of procedures for encouraging demonstrations and maintenance of these expectations
  • Continuum of procedures for discouraging rule-violating behavior
  • Procedures for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the discipline system on a regular and frequent basis


 Gonzales Middle School Expectations

GoMS has four expectations that are applied in every setting across the school. These expectations are recited each morning in the Bulldog Pledge.

Bulldog Pledge

As a Gonzales Middle School Bulldog,

I pledge to

*Be Positive*

*Be Prepared*

*Be Respectful*

*Be Safe & Orderly*

Be the Best I Can Be!


Mighty Bulldog Student Incentives 

  • Bulldog Bucks - used to purchase rewards on a Golden Ticket
  • Golden Ticket Rewards -untuck your shirt, wear jeans, wear any shirt, wear a hat, eat lunch with a friend, buy back an infraction, free admission to a home game, etc.
  • Bulldog Bucks Bonanza  - monthly drawing reward for using Bulldog Bucks
  • Bulldog Brag Reports - read during morning announcements
  • Nine Weeks PBIS Rewards - held during school with movies, dances, social activities, basketball games, etc.
  • Team Rewards - Teachers also implement reward systems within their own teams which further reinforce GoMS's positive behavior expectations.


Mighty Bulldog Infraction System

GoMS utilizes an infraction system to track minor inappropriate behaviors.

Process for issuing an infraction:

  • Teacher assesses situation.
  • Student is redirected back to expected behavior.
  • Teacher uses classroom interventions to redirect student to expected behavior.
  • Teacher marks infraction on student’s chart.

Infraction consequences:

  • Warning
  • 1st infraction (Parent Contact)
  • 2nd infraction (Bulldog Reflection)
  • 3rd infraction (Parent Contact)
  • 4th infraction (Behavior Report/Parent Contact)


Student Support Programs

  • Mediation -program designed to help students find equitable solutions to problems between/among peers
  • Behavior Coaching -program designed to help students struggling to meet classroom expectations
  • Mentoring -program designed to help students struggling with issues outside the classroom setting


How Can Parents Help Support PBIS?

  • Be a good role model.
  • Review the GoMS expectations with your child.
  • Talk to your child about his/her day.
  • Encourage your child to use appropriate language and tone.
  • Ask your child about Bulldog Bucks they have received and what rewards they are planning to purchase.
  • Keep communication between you and your child’s teachers active throughout the school year.
  • Be a visible part of your child’s school day. Attend monthly Dawg Pound meetings and other school activities as your schedule allows.
  • Focus on the POSITIVE choices your child is making.
  • Try implementing your own PBIS system at home! (Inquire about a PBIS home matrix.)