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Mighty Bulldog Leadership


Lori Charlet, Principal

Lori Charlet


Lori Charlet was appointed principal of Gonzales Middle School in 2006 after teaching 9 years at Lowery Middle School and serving 5 years as Assistant Principal at Gonzales Middle School.

Charlet communicates with parents through Remind and email daily. She posts pictures and information on every activity on the Gonzales Middle School through social media via the school's Facebook page. This is important to keep our parents involved in all activities. Student celebrations can be heard daily during school announcements.

Charlet's focus is to show she values all students, staff, teachers and students' families. The goal is to impact each student while we "Build a Better World, One Bulldog (student) at a Time!"

The Mighty Bulldog faculty and staff owe it to our community to ensure everyone knows how awesome Gonzales Middle School is. Faculty and staff are recognized for positivity, attendance and volunteerism.

Jacie Dunbar

Assistant Principal

Jacie Dunbar joined the staff at Gonzales Middle School as Assistant Principal during the summer of 2021. She began her career with Ascension Public Schools in 2008 as a teacher at Lake Elementary. In 2019, she transferred to Duplessis Primary to serve as a TAP Master Teacher.

Dunbar has overseen the 6th Grade Academy to come to fruition with the new POD buildings being delivered on campus during this past September. The 8th grade students are mentors for our 6th grade students and meet with them once a month. The 8th graders lead a lesson for a homeroom group of students which is interactive and engaging.

Dunbar has brought motivational activities to the GoMS campus for the faculty and staff with weekly initiatives.  She, also, has been proactive with ensuring the key card security system is active and many construction tasks have been completed through her urgent follow up to ensure our campus appears beautiful throughout the buildings.


Jacie Dunbar, Assistant Principal